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I am doing a custom NES computer build. It is going to be my HTPC in my living room. I just have one question about my power supply though...

I am building it so I can stream 1080p movies and also watch blu-rays at 1080p. It will also be used to emulate all the NES games too. I am just wondering if there is possibly a Picopsu out there that would be able to support this kind of load? Since I am limited to space my 200watt mini itx power supply takes up a lot more space then I would like and im trying to find another possible way to power my system that would take up less space.

If you have any other questions ask and I will answer!


Motherboard -


Memory -

Blu-ray drive -

Hard Drive -

Power Supply - ??? I do have a 200 watt mini itx power supply that was sitting around my place.
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  1. that should be plenty for htpc and NES emulation, the 200W won't break a sweat
  2. Yeah I knew that 200 watts would be fine. My question actually was, is there a picupsu out there that can produce 200 watts and support my hardware? I am limited to space on this build that I need to look into smaller PSU possibilities.
  3. this site:

    the 120 or 150W should wor
  4. Ok thanks. I was looking at those I have just never used one before so I wasn't how well they work.

    120 wont work though. I need a 24 pin connector.
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