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Hi all. I recently bought a laptop with an AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 1GB GDDR5 discrete graphics memory. When I run dxdiag the display tab shows the approx. total memory is 779MB. My question is, why is thevide card's full RAM capacity not utilized? What do I need to tweak to gain the video card's RAM full capacity. Thanks in advance.

OS-Windows 7 professional
core i7
quad core
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  1. That is very strange as it should be a lot more. I recently bought a laptop with one of those recent amd apu well the a4 3300m with the 6480D and dxdiag shows a total of 2gb. I believe that you have a software/driver issue that does not report how much memory that you actually have. The vram is fixed at 1gb but there should be a different total for texture which I just quoted from my own system with another 512mb outside of that. Yours should be a lot more than that. Contact customer service and start asking questions and do a few tests on your own.
  2. Thanks for your quick response nforce4max and recommendations. I will try updating the driver first. Thank you.
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    I've had the same incorrect DxDiag reports with the 6900 and so has many other 6xxx users. DxDiag does not correctly read these cards. As far as I'm aware, there is no fix, because there is no problem. It shows the right amount in CCC and they perform correctly.
  4. For reference, my 470's, which are currently in this setup, report as having 4063MB which is also way off.
  5. I tried updating the driver and it did not work. It did not installed and referred me to contact the laptop manufacturer. It sucks my happiness :-)
  6. Lawl o.O

    It is problems like this make me appreciate what I got. Just give a few games a shot and report back. DXDIAG never really tells how much vram you got and only reports texture memory its like page file or virtual memory when it runs out. Windows and drivers sets how much texture memory can be but yours is a lot lower than normal. Sadly gpuz isn't up to date and cpu-z isn't updated either but can give both a try and see if things are accurate.
  7. Based on the following link is nothing I should worry about. Thank you all for your help.
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