Radeon 5670 Flicker with video extended desktop

hi all

i have my monitor and tv setup in an extended desktop. monitor @ 1080p and TV at 720p.

whenever i start or exit a video from my tv the screen flickers for a split second (the flicker looks like a black horizontal bar that appears on the screen for a split second). this happens with sites like YouTube

During playback it is fine only when it starts or ends. it becomes very annoying. Ive tried different refresh rates. same resolutions and lcd overdrive and it still occurs.

disabling hardware acceleration in flash settings seems to remove it but then i dont get hw acceleration?
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  1. bump anyone?
  2. did you try latest Flash update?
    also latest driver from AMD website?
  3. yes and yes
  4. Have you tried the Graphic driver update route? It is worth a try IMO.
  5. what do you mean? i just went on amd site and downloaded 10.7.

    also this happened before and i reformatted my pc. its weird its to do with HW acceleration enabled
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