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I recently received an ECS X58B-A3 SLI motherboard to replace an old ASRock in my girlfriend's tower.

I installed the processor, RAM, and a graphics card and did an out of the box test. I press the power button and the fans go for a second and then it stops, the fans start for a second again and then stops again, then it springs to life and I get the following codes 68 - 69 - D4 - D5 - 2A - 2E and then 2 short and 8 long beeps.

I tried googling it and maybe I just fail, but I couldn't find anything to help determine where the problem is. Oddly enough, the whole fans thing only happens on the first power attempt after I turn the PSU on - after I power cycle it, it doesn't have those "false starts" - I'm not sure if this info is extraneous or could help figure it out so I thought I'd add it in anyway.

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  1. Please try to test the motherboard outside the case.

    First, you just connect the power supply with 24 pins & 4 pins. Then, connect the CPU heatsink fan to the CPU fan header. DO NOT connect anything to the motherboard. NO CPU & memory. Then, turn on the system with shorting the power switch pins inside the front panel header. If the CPU fans keep spinning normally, then install the hardware one by one. CPU --> memory --> hard drive --> so on. Please also double check the pins inside the CPU socket. If you see any damage on the pins, it may be the reason to cause this issue.

    If you still have any question, feel free to contact ECS Technical Support:

    510-226-7333 Option 6
    Monday - Friday
    9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time
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