ATI Radeon 5450, 3 monitor,please help

hello,let me start of by saying i'm not very good with computers.I am in need of help trying to figure out how to hook up three monitors to my computer.I trade stocks for a living and recently my computer broke so i bought a new one.That's why i need triple monitors in order for me to trade properly.

okay,before you guys start yelling at me about using the search function to look up this information.let me tell you i already did look up the information.

all i found was i need a active display port.yes i get that but here's my question....

the graphics card i have is ati radeon 5450 from visiontek. it has 3 outputs,hdmi,dvi,vga. i looked up the active display port's output isn't the same size as the graphics card's hdmi output. i have no display port input on my computer, i guess what i'm asking is i realized the hdmi output on the graphics card doesn't look similar to the active display port.the active display port has one curve side,and the other side is straight.while the hdmi output on the ati radeon graphics card 5450 has two curved side.

can anyone tell me how i can go about fixing this matter?

my computer has two graphics card,one is integrated that's build in's a ati radeon 4200 series.Also when i plug my last monitor to the original vga output that came with the computer,it doesn't work.I even looked up device manager and it doesn't have my original graphics card.All it has is the new graphics card i installed.

how can i hook up the three monitors?i see the third monitor showing but it keeps disconnecting the last display.
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