I Can't get my Newly-Built Computer to See the Second Drive

Here are the specs of my new build: i7 2600K CPU, 8GB 1600 DDR3 Ram, Quadro 600 GPU, Hitach 500 GB Boot Drive, WD 1.5 TB media storage. The computer is up and running on Windows 7 Ultimate.

So when I go Start > computer, under Hard Disk Drives it only shows the Boot (C) Drive w/ 465G total size. Same deal when I have a document to Save, it only gives me the C Drive as an option. But, when I go Start > Control Panel > Device Manager and twirl down Disk Drives, it shows both the Hitachi 500GB and the WD 1.5TB. I double-click on the WD and on the General Tab it says "This device is working properly".

I went into the BIOS and it doesn't show the second drive either.

There must be some "enable" button that I'm missing, but where is it?

Thanks for your help,
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    I don't have a win7 system in front of me, but

    1. right click on My Computer
    2. left click on Manage
    3. left click on Disk Manager
    4. right click on the icon of the hd
    5. left click on Initialize
    right click the drive and initialize it. select MBR

    for visual aids and a step by step:
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