Help with first gfx card

i just purchased a barebones pc from tigerdirect, and it did not come with a graphics card.

i have:
450w power supply
8gb ram
amd phenom II black edition (6core 3.3)
gigabyte m68mt-s2p MB

i am willing to spend around $150-230.

i play alot of games, mostly fps.

what is a reasonable gfx card for me?
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    thats a 5770 it can max out most games at 1680X1050 and play most games at medium settings on 1920X1080

    and its probably the best card you can get without getting a new powersupply.
  2. Nice choice ^
  3. thank you for the help, i might have a 600w power supply coming my way. would that make any of a difference? sorry for the noobie questions but this is my first build of any sort.
  4. what power supply do you have? i bet its a cheap no-name brand, in which case i would recommend replacing it right now before your whole system blows up. Also confused why you went with a 6 core cpu for better spend on PSU or GPU.
  5. i got the 6 core just because it came with the barebones, only paid like $450 for every thing. also, power supply came installed in my midtower v2 case. i dont know much about it. maybe i will buy a 600w power supple first and next paycheck i will buy the graphics card. like i said, i am very new to this and really need suggestions. i also dont mind playing games on medium levels as long as i dont lag
  6. if you get a GOOD corsair, pc power and cooling, antec, kingwin, seasonic or any name brand powersupply thats around 700w than you can probably get a 6950 and unlock it to a 6970.
  7. any suggestions on a power supply thats not going to be to bad in the price area?
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