Graphics card upgrade for older PC

Hi All.

I've an older PC, specs below:

Intel Core 2 Extreme X8600 2.93Ghz
4 GB RAM (well, only 3 usable!)
Nvidia 7800GT 256MB
ASUS P5VD2-MX Motherboard (yes, does have PCI-E x16)*
Soundblaster X-FI Extreme
500W PSU
Win 7 32Bit

I'd like to upgrade the graphics card. But I'm not sure what I can use.
*I know there was some issue with VIA chipsets and this particular motherboard + graphics cards - especially around the 8800 series.

I want something better, but not necessarily top of the range. Can be older, but just better. Given it's an older PC- I don't want to spend a massive amount, so under £100 qould be ideal. I'll even go the Radion road if needs be.

The other issue is that I have an Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro that only appears to be keeping the cores
at about 45degrees, semi-idle. Under load, this is going up into the 60's. I think this could do with being cooler.

I'd really appreciate any advice or guidance.

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  1. 5670 is a ok upgrade but your board is holding you back even for a 775 rig but good boards are getting to be hard to find these days so you might be stuck with it. It can't be a pci-e 2.1 spec card because it won't work as they are known to have issues. I know that a 55nm 9800gt works with it because I had two boards with the same chipset from Biostar.

  2. Is a 5670 a Radeon?

    That or a 9800GT?

    I'll have a look. Keep the ideas comin!

    EDIT : What about the 5770 ?
  3. Yes a Radeon 5670 and is modern, a 9800gt is the same level of performance but older and runs hotter but I know that it works with that chipset. Both will blow that 7800gt away like there was no tomorrow.
  4. I should also add that I'm a reborn-gamer now.
  5. Good luck :)
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