CPU upgrade for a HP Pavilion dv6 2150us with a Socket G/rPGA 989?

My son has a HP Pavilion dv6 2150us Entertainment laptop with an i3-330m cpu on a Socket G/rPGA 989 motherboard and would like to upgrade the CPU if possible.

We upgraded the HDD from the 320gb Hitachi & 4gb RAM it came with to a 750gb WD Scorpio Black & 8gb GSkill 204 pin PC3-10600 RAM and it's running great, but we also wanted to see about upgrading the CPU.

We've disassembled the laptop to take a look at the motherboard and CPU socket assembly and reassembled it to working order, so we can get a better CPU installed if it works on this motherboard.

We'd like to find out if a faster Arrandale i5-560m would work with this HP Pavilion dv6 2150us motherboard & BIOS like the current i3-330m it came with. We've done some Google searches and also looked for other threads on Tom's Hardware and found some information but so far what we've found has been relatively general or unclear.

Does anyone happen to know if an Arrandale i5-560m that works in the Socket G1 rPGA 988A also fit and work correctly in a Socket G/rPGA 989 motherboard with the BIOS for the HP Pavilion dv6 2150us Entertainment laptop?

Thanks for your help,
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    This site lists a motherboard for that laptop: If it's the correct part number, then you could check what processor each compatible model came with and then verify with HP that the processor upgrade will work.

    dv6-2170us - Intel Core i5-430M
    dv6-2190us - Intel Core i7-720QM
  2. Thanks, the ascendtech link was very useful, appreciate the help.

    We also got a response from another place that was informative, so I thought I'd past it here also:

    "The motherboard in that model will not support SLBTS or any other Intel CPU with a secondary K0 revision. So any Intel CPU starting with part numbers SLBT_ , SLBU_ , SLBZ_ or SLC__ WILL NOT WORK (the system will not post).

    Just be aware your system board can only accept C2 revision (I3, I5, I7) and B1 revision (I7). Be careful NO K0.

    Here is a list of your upgrade choices:
    I3-350M (SLBPK)
    I5-430M (SLBPN)
    I5-520M (SLBNB) -(NO SLBU3)
    I5-540M (SLBPG) -(NO SLBTV)
    I7-620M (SLBPD) -(NO SLBTQ)
    I7-720QM (SLBLY)
    i7-740QM (SLBQG)
    I7-820QM (SLBLX)
    I7-840QM (SLBMP). "
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  4. Check for the latest bios revision and what cpu support changes have been made F1CA REvision, Now supports core stepping K0 cpus.

    1- model and serial #

    2-Cpuz free software Helps id your motherboard , bios version ,memory,cpu,chipset,ect.........

    3-Manufacturer's Websites some times you have to do some digging but eventually you learn something intel, amd,nvidia,ati,mac,ect,ect...........

    4-Wiki is another great site for info on anything also

    5-Always check for bios udates at manufacture website in support section for your product.

    6- system info in windows is also very useful on pc info and errors.

    7-Always check multiple sources!!!!
    BIOS vF.1CA for DV6-2155dx or newer installed in your notebook.
    Adds BIOS support for the Intel Core i5-520M, Core i5-540M, and Core i7-620M K-0 Stepping Processors.

    Intel has released a new K0 stepping for some of its older dual-core Core i3 and Core i5 processors, as TPU reported. The new stepping will apply a few tweaks and updates within the CPU architecture. Perhaps they OC better as well. These chips will be available on October 16, 2010.

    Compared with C2,change for KO is as follows:
    * New S-spec and MM numbers for the converting products
    * Extended CPUID will change from 0×00020652 to 0×00020655
    * Host RevID will change from 0×12 to 0×18
    * K0 stepping package is pin compatible with C2 stepping package
    * Adds Processor Context ID (PCID) support
    What is the difference in term of performance between C2 and K0?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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