2 Beeps, Pause, 2 Beeps, Stop. No Video. Fans whirl.


I turn on my PC: No video. *2 Beeps, Pause, 2 Beeps, Stop.* Still no video. I run Windows 7.

My Intel Motherboard reads: (1E, 26, 46) (58, 5A) *2 Beeps, Pause, 2 Beeps, Stop.* (36, E7) (00). Still no video. My monitors work.

Any suggestions? OS, hardware.

The insides (guts) are a little dusty, it needs to be cleaned.

Intel Desktop Board DX58SO2 Extreme Series.

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  1. Hi, Try leaving only one RAM stick inserted and no other storage drives than the DVD drive. Test with each RAM.
  2. see this from page 71 and the following for your bios code on that motherboard http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19451/eng/DX58SO2_TechProdSpec.pdf
  3. this one is relativily simple as said before try the RAM sticks first thats usually the basis of the poblem
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