Apparent upgrade making me slower??

I have been running a sapphire HD2600xt 256mb GDDR4 which ran my games like cod4 and cod waw quite nicely but not on full settings so i bought an asus HD5450 silent with 1gb DDR3, now i can run games on full settings but its a bit laggy. but the bit that really gets me is the Vista experience base score my old card got a 5.9 for graphics whereas the new one only gets a 4 lol or 4.8 for gaming graphics. does this sound right??
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  1. The 2600xt is a very much different card although it uses the same shader tech. The 2600xt often clocks around 800mhz while the 5450 a lot less. The 2600xt is a 128bit card while the 5450 only is 64bit with similar vram tech as gddr4 was only a differently binned gddr3. Both have the same rop count while texture should be close but in short you downgraded actually. The main reason that you couldn't really enjoy those settings on the old card was the lack of vram. The most major mistake was overlooking the specs of both cards. The 2600xt has 120 while the 5450 has only 80. I would have gotten a 5550/70 or better as it is 128bit, better texture fill rate and most of all 320 shaders that is more than twice that of your old card.

    Return new card and buy something better.
  2. The HD5450 is not more powerful than the HD2600XT. It is not intended to be a gaming card. Like nforce says you should return it if your goal is gaming.
    If you tell us the rest of your system, including your power supply, and a budget then we can tell you what you should be looking for.
  3. Lol gutted i knew i should have researched it a lot more like i did the 2600xt but i saw what i thought was a gd deal and was impatient :(

    My system is as follows:
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
    4094MB of DDR2 800mhz RAM
    Asrock Alivenf6G-DVI Mainboard
    320gb split over 3HDD's
    Vista Ultimate 64bit and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (dual boot)
    Psu is 450w
    Any help would be most appreciated so thankyou in advance :D
    forgot to say my budget isnt very much at all at the moment Around £50-60 max
  4. I can't recommend any thing higher than a 5670 but your budget doesn't help uk prices are a leg and a arm at best these days. 5570 it has 400 shaders and is a lot better than a 5450.

    Here see so for your self ps they don't ship to the uk :s
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