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Amd fx-8150 cooling

hi im planning on getting an fx-8150 and im gonna overclock it to somwhere btw 4.80 to 5.00 the wattage ill be using will be 1.45so would a CORSAIR h70 liquid cooling system arctic silver 5 be good enough to cool it
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  1. No go with the H100!
  2. would an h70 work with an intel i5 5.0 2600K?
  3. More likely and that is a much better CPU!
  4. but will it work with it???
  5. xtremegamer2da-max said:
    would an h70 work with an intel i5 5.0 2600K?

    For a start its an i7, also you can not be sure your CPU of choice will hit 5 ghz, if your asking if a H70 will cope with the heat from a highly OCd i7 2600k, then yes it will if you have it installed in a well ventilated case, but for a high OC such as which you desire for both CPU choices you would be better served with either a H100 or a high end air cooler such as the Noctua NH-D 14 or the BeQuiet Dark Rock PRO.
  6. It will work with anything new. The question is how well. The H70 is not as good as a high end air cooler. It is also louder and more expensive.
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    What are you trying to do? Heat the room or play games? 8150 at 5.0Ghz is upward of 500W!!!!!
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