Usb 3.0 orts don't work

I'm no techy.

I bought a pre-assembled system with an asus MoBo P8Z77-M. Win 7 doesn't recognize any devices attached to the 3.0 ports on the back. The devices do get power.

When I go to D.M. I see an yellow ? with something called usb 3.0 root hub.

I uninstalled this. I don't know the difference between asmedia drivers and intel drivers, so I tried 'm both. As soon as I install either one, the autoplay window for the connected devies pops up. However, than a notification pops up at the right bottom (btw I can't seem to click on any of these notifications) saying 'installing driver'.

Than the connected devices disappear again. And DM once again displays a yellow ? for the root hub.

Can anyone help.
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  1. you have to isnatll the windows driver for the USB 3 ports. That's what's missing here.
  2. You wont be able to click on any "installing new devices" pop-ups the reason being is that there is no animation/graphical interface to display, since installing new devices is considered a background task. Yes your drivers for the 3.0 ports are not installed you should be able to find them on your mobo manufactures website, if they didn't come on the driver CD that came with your PC.
  3. I did install the drivers from the MoBO (ASUS) website. They work right after I install them for a few minutes only. Then they stop working again.

    I'm under the impression that windows is overwriting.
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