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Hi guys I'm having this error the "boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible ...oxc000000e"
Basically what is happening is the past week or 2 I have been getting the BSOD kernel data inpage error at random times during gaming. After some research I downloaded crystal disk info and found my HD is running at a peak of 66 celsius!
Well now at random it decides to not even start up and I now have the boot manager failure.
I have Taken my hd out and put it into my girlfriends Hp Touchsmart 310 and after running my system restore disk everything booted up fine so I've made the assumption my Hd is still alive but why is this happening? Is my Mobo acting up? I couldn't boot her Hd in my pc either. I'm confused at this point and have no experience prior to this type of problem. Also I figured this was the best place to post this, if not please move it :) thank you all :)

Note: I do not have my windows disk that's why I made my own off my girlfriends pc.
My pc is custom built.
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  1. Just a guess.
    look for a failed battery on your motherboard.
    reason: if her drive does not work, check BIOS setting might be wrong, BIOS setting on old system backed up by battery which dies after 3-5 years. BIOS reverts back to defaults
    and the old defaults have IDE mode set for the hard drive rather than AHCI. The controller then attempts to read the drive in the incorrect format and you get inaccessible boot device.

    otherwise you will have to debug the failure.
    - port failure : try another port on the mother board
    - data cable: try another data cable
    - power cable: move the drive while it is powered on. if it moves "funny" you know it is spinning. otherwise use another power connection

    if you reformat the drive do a full format not a quick format. The quick format will not fix wear related issues with your drive.
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