Intel Core Duo T9400 CPU for Acer Aspire 6920?

I found a great deal for Intel T9400 and I'm vondering if it will be compatible to my motherboard in Acer Aspire 6920 to upgrade?
I know it is the socket P (478) CPU but since I'm not an expert I wonder if there is some catch to prevent this upgrade.
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  1. you have to check the laptop and probably ask acer.

    your cpu might be soldered to the mobo.
  2. thank you for reply, I don't think it's soldered - there are so many posts on this matter.
    Acer support is of no use, especially here in Croatia.
    I just need someone who has some experince in this. I'm also considering to replace my old HDD with the new one (Seagate Momentus XT, 750GB on 7200 RPM)
  3. the hdd replacement will work but you'd need to reinstall windows

    the cpu is could or could not work, hard to tell with this kind of things.
  4. I've done some research on the internet about it and there are may posts mentioning an upgrade to Intel T7..., T8..., and T9... series and specifically mentioned T9300 and T9500 CPU-s but nothing about T9400. It might be that those posts were written before this CPU was launched, who knows.
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