AMD 1090t, MSI 870a Fuzion x2 Nvidia gtx460 HELP WONT WORK

AMD 1090t, MSI 870a Fuzion x2 Nvidia gtx460 HELP WONT WORK.

The SLI won't even come up in the Nvidia control panel, any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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  1. try upgrading graphics drivers? start/computer/system properties/device manager/display adapters. Right click on your card, select update driver software.
  2. I have done this, went as far as completely uninstalling them.
  3. u did a uninstall and then reinstalled? And it still didnt work? :/ I'll try and figure this out... XD
  4. Yeah reinstalled, everything was the same. So I ran the SLIpatch thing to force it but nothing, just errors out. I don't understand why though so any assistance is greatly appreciated
  5. Your board is not an SLi board it's a Lucid fusion board so you need to use their drivers.
  6. Yeah I saw that, but when I installed the lucid drivers nothing happened
  7. Well I found out it's Nforce 700-800-900 boards add it has to say SLI. So lucid is garbage doesn't pan out. So I bought a SLI capable board, n750.
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