Cheap motherboard?

I was wondering if an i3 2120 3.3ghz would work well with Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2PV for medium end gaming. This got me curious since there is no reviews (except for google customer reviews) for this motherboard for gaming. No OCing will be done.
The whole build was under £400 (£378 to be precise)

build is
-i3 2120 cpu
-8gb ram 1333
-Radeon HD 6670 gpu
-Windows 7 os
-Corsair 500w 80+ eff. psu
-Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2PV Mobo -

I wouldnt mind any suggestions for around £10-20 more
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  1. I use the 2120, and this is my board: Mine is the B3 version with UEFI bios, and windows 7 reconfigured my device drivers from an amd board when I booted up. I had no need to format and start over. Only had to download the Intel inf driver off asus website.
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