Bluray not playing what-so-ever

Okay usually I am pretty resourceful but I am at my wits ends here... I am trying to watch tron 3d and I cannot get my 590gtx or any software to play it...

I started off by throwing the movie in my bluray player. Find some trial software for cyberlink powerdvd 11. I get an error 0024 something about an update, I guess it has to do with protection.

So I move to Totalmedia Theatre 5, this time it tries to load but does nothing...

So after some research I realize my 5 year old bluray player probably is the problem since Lite-on's website looks like they are on the verge of bankruptcy I figure I probably need a new bluray player...

In the mean time I decided to make an iso of the bluray on my harddrive and then mount it so that I can watch the movie...

Cyberlink loads it up now but it starts playing and the screen is black with no sound
Totalmedia just locks up and doesn't do anything, and it also changes the resolution of my desktop from 720p to 1080p (I am trying to use 720p because that is the highest resolution my Acer H5360 goes to while still supporting 120hz you need for 3d.)

I am at my wits end here, I am using Daemon tools to mount my 3d vision works perfectly, and I ruled out 3d vision because it wont even play the regular bluray either. Any help or direction would be appreciated thanks!
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  1. Just so you know, blu-ray is not the same as 3D blu-ray. Your blu-ray drive probably does not support blu-ray 3D.
  2. Yea on your TV, on the computer as long as it has a firmware update you can play them, and even if for some reason you can't you can still make an ISO on your HD.

    So my problem was this, stupid bluray authentication!!! Isn't this the type of crap that made starforce obsolete!? I downloaded "Anydvd HD" and now it plays like a charm, even in 3D!

    So basically as it stands now if you have a bluray player that is a little older the authentication will prevent you from watching the movie even though you can still read it...
  3. When I say a little older, I mean the manufacturer no longer makes drivers/firmware for it
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