Hdd fail, need my drivers

I did a virus scan using avg, and ironicly, after i rebooted, my windows was corrupted. Fter i re installed windows i saw that my drivers were no where to be found. I need help as i dont have internet accsess on the computer to download the drivers nor doi have the disk on me. Where can i download the drivers for a Asus p8 z77 v PRO motherboard? The website gave me about 60'different links to download but which to get? Also where can i bet the driver disk if i cant get the internet to work. My specs are:
I5 3570k
P8-z77 v Pro
Xfx Radeo. 7770 hd
Ask if you need more info.
Sorry for the spelling, im using my ipad.
Oh and whenever i try to connect using my ethernet it says it doesnt detect my network controller driver. Thanks
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  1. What version of Windows?

    Here's the download page. Start with the LAN driver and then you can access the others online:

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