CPU and GPU temps a little too hot?

i-5 2500k
Radeon 6950

Idling temp for the CPU sits around 44c and the Radeon was idling in the 40's as well .

Played Bad Company 2 for about 5 minutes and the CPU went to 90c and the GPU to 73c . This is according HWMonitor . Could this be the reason my system locks up randomly during gameplay?
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    check the heatsink is on your processor firmly , and that you didnt use a bucket of thermal paste thats stopping heat transfer . A single drop is enough . Its only to fill tiny surface imperfections you cant even see

    what case do you have?

    Raidmax Smilodon ....thinking I screwed up going this small.

    Pretty sure I didnt overdo the thermal paste ...I'll check the heatsink tomorrow . Thing is...system has been built for a good 6 months. I didnt seem to have this problem until about 3 or 4 months ago. Need to take it out and blow it out again....but I dont think dust and dog hair could clog it that much ?
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