Intel 3930K vs 3960X

whats different between these two beasts?..... 3930K vs 3960X, 2011 socket CPUs, i now the 60X is cool but is it worth $500 buks more? i know both are overpowered for most pple, but why is one worth 500$ more?......(in canada it is)

am i the only one wondering? or not..... cuss it tickles me inside the head, i cant seem to find some one testing both side by side on the same motherboard stock speed(most are OC, so its more about how much good pple are at it)
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  1. the 3960X is only worth it if you have a heap of money to burn as the difference is 100mhz and 3mb Cache. the actual performance increase is not worth the extra $500
    I went through this decision myself and ended up with the 3930k and couldn't be happier
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