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Pentium dual core, core duo or core 2 duo?

pretty much my choices for this ancient laptop are this:


or this:

now. which one would overall be better judging on the l2 cache, architecture, and processor speed. whattage/voltage are not a problem. and if you can, please note which of the three will run the coolest. and what is the name of the core duos architecture? thanks.
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  1. According to the T2390 (Merom-2M) is slightly faster than the T5300 (Merom). The 32-bit T2450 is the slowest one.
  2. thanks, but I have one more question, because we have so many background programs running and usually a few windows open. should I get the core 2 anyway because of the double cache? (just incase, right now we have a t2310, and 2 gigs of ram.)
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    The difference between the T2390 and the T5300 is minimal. You'd need to run benchmarks to tell the difference. I'd go with the T2390 because of the faster clock, but it really is up to you. None is a huge improvement over the T2310.
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