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Hello, I recently purchased a MSI 970XA-GD55 MOBO but I need to update the BIOS to be able to use the New FX 6300 I purchased. It is a new build so I don't any other option but flashing the BIOS. Can anyone direct me to a guide to flash this board or does anyone know how?. It states it has a "M-Flash" but I don't know that much about how to use it. How big of a flashdrive do I need? Do I just download the file and unzip it and put it on the flashdrive? or do I download the BIOS directly to the USB? . I am stuck here so any help is appreciated. Thanks
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  1. The only guides I find state boot up your system and then flash but I wouldn't be able to boot as this Vishera chip wouldn't be recognized by the board. do I just power on the motherboard without a processor ( like connect it to the PSU and stick in the USB with the unzipped BIOS files and flash. or.... Please help.
  2. No, You can't use M-Flash without accessing the BIOS, as it is Disabled by default (check the manual). You'll need a supported CPU, so take the board to a local shop, or check the BIOS chip if it's on socket or not. If on socket, you can order one from eBay and replace it.
  3. Dang :( Hmm. Well I dont have any local shops so I think I will buy a Sempron 145. Newegg has it for 39$ free shipping so I guess I can get that. So say I buy this 40$ processor. What else do I need to flash the BIOS. ?
  4. Hmm. I also purchased 1600mhz ram so will it just automatically downlock it to 1066 when I install the Sempron?
  5. If compatible, the RAMs will work. No other things needed for flashing the BIOS than a memory stick. Can you check the board's BIOS to make sure it's a BIOS issue?
  6. The BIOS version out of the box is Version 2 and to support Vishera it needs Version 5.
    Any way I can find if the ram is compatible with the sempron?
  7. What's the RAMs model?
  8. Corsair Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (8GB 2x4)(CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B)
  9. They are designed for Intel, but I see they work on AMD boards too. If instaling only one RAM stick for flashing the BIOS I don't think you'll have any issues.
  10. Alright, Thanks for the info.
  11. I can use any flashdrive right? Some people mention Fat32 format. Do all flashdrives have this format?
  12. If no needed files on it, you can right click, Format, then for File System select FAT32.
  13. Also can I install a Harddrive with the OS with the Sempron and then afterwards switch it out for the Vishera chip?
  14. okay so the right click thing I do after I put the extracted mobo BIOS on it or before?
  15. So I am about to buy Sempron 145 online and I just picked up a cheap 5 dollar 2gb flashdrive at Officemax. Is that enough for the BIOS?
  16. One last question, to flash the BIOS I need to have the MOBO hooked up to the 24 pin from the PSU and have the graphics card in the PCI slot and one ram slot filled and the ssd hooked up or not?I would then hook it up to a monitor and procceed to using M-flash right?
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    1. If you have a notebook, format it in the notebook. Download the latest BIOS version, unzip (if necessary) and save it on the USB stick.
    2. 2GB are more than enough.
    3. With the board outside of the case, on a cardboard or similar non conductive materiel, install the Sempron, apply thermal paste (check on Youtube for how to), install the CPU heatsink, connect the fan to the CPU_Fan header, insert one RAM stick, install the graphics card (check if the card requires additional power), connect the DVD drive (power and SATA cable), keyboard and mouse. With the power supply off, connect the 24-pin and I think that the board has also a 4-pin or a 8-pin 12V connector (I can't find a link to the board).
    Check again the connections and power up the board. Enter BIOS, insert the USB stick and look for the BIOS application for flashing it.
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  19. Thanks for the detailed info, appreciate it ;). Hopefully all goes well.
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