EVGA GTX 560 Ti SC Problems

I just got this card 2 weeks ago and have been having problems with them.

My computer is overclocked, but I've tested everything, ran prime95 and memtest and ran the video card through some benchmarks. Everything passed with flying colors.
MSI 770A-G54 mobo
AMD Phenom X II 3.6ghz v1.33 2.4 CPU-NB 1.214
Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz @ 9-9-9-24
Antec TruePower New 550w PSU (year old)

EVGA GTX 560 Ti SC 900cc/1800sc/2106mc

My problem is that the games I play crash, well mainly I've only had it crash on City of Heroes since it's the main game I have played for long periods of time. The graphics get a bit weird, firefox will crash and crash anytime I try to open it and everything just seems to be messed up graphically. The computer does not hard lock or reboot on it's own, but pretty much to get everything back to normal, I need to reboot. It's like the driver is crashing and not restarting.

So, far I have tried other versions of drivers and nothing fixed it. Right now, I am trying to up the voltage one notch 1.075mv on the card since I read that some other people have found that the factory overclock wasn't stable with the voltage they chose which was 1.062mv. So far no problems in the last couple of hours. Temps are the same as was before. Idle @ 38-39 and full load up to 73-74. Still testing to see if it's gonna crash.

Anyone else have any similar problems that they fixed?

(I Posted this on EVGA forums and like a few mins later, it crashed again)
Here's a screenshot of some glitchy stuff I was talking about after my game crashes and requires a reboot



I think I might know what be wrong, but I am not sure. Can anyone help? If I can't get this fixed today I am probably gonna go take it back to Fry's and exchange it for an ATI card instead.
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  1. No, I've had crashes, but I've only had the crash in one game. I've played my other games, such as Starcraft 2, Black Ops and Modern Warfare for hours at a time since I've had it and have done some streaming. No problems. When I've been playing City of Heroes, it crashes. Game locks up, I get the error, send report for City of Heroes and if I try to open other programs, Firefox etc, it will crash and any graphics look distorted or messed up like in the screenshots like I posted above.

    I am unsure if it's just the game, though I have heard others having problems too with openGLs or just straight up crashing. I am just looking around if someone has seen anything similar to this and could it just be the game causing or driver causing this and not the card.
  2. Have you tried downclocking the card to 820mhz?
  3. Just rma this card because it is on it's way to being a brick. The problem is that these cards although better built than the gtx4xx series still has many issues and this is not uncommon. With the new card however don't leave it on default fan settings to try to keep it as cool as reasonably possible to keep this from happening again. I would not be surprised that they screwed up with the thermal pads and left hot spots to develop.

    For now force the fan to lets say 60-80% and down clock the gpu. Adjusting the volts along with this may help usually a small bump helps improve stability.
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