A switch from xp to win7 ultimate 32-bits

I have upgraded from windows xp to windows 7 .Main reason for my upgrade was i wanted to check out directx11 games . this is my specs

core2duo E8300(2.83ghz)
3 gb ddr2 ram
Ati 5670 1gb(ddr5)
i recently installed crysis warhead (just to check directx10 quality) results were awesome On my 17inch 1024*768 resolution moniter . i wanna know if

windows 7 Uses more cpu cycle than xp it slows down games ? Crysis was not a problem but !! i am planning to install gta4 & mafia. Will these games run smoothly ? Core2duo users in this hexacore generation i need your suggestions.
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  1. In fact gaming is faster on windows 7 thanks to the 64 bit support.On my PC Windows 7 actually runs faster than windows XP.As far as gta 4 and mafia is concerned you should be able to play it at decent settings at that rez.GTA 4 may lag but you can run mafia 2 easily
  2. Thanks..
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