How much RAM does Shogun 2 Total War need?


I currently have 6gb@1600 tripple channel RAM, I heard from TW forum 8gb would be ideal. Currently, I can run it smoothly at max settings 1920x1080 no problem but when the fighting gets intense (20 units at a time clashing, close zoom), the frame rates drops drastically (15-20fps). Could be because of insuffucient rams? Can somebody confirm this? Does anyone else here have the same problem?

I thinking adding another 6gb, just incase, since RAMS are so cheap now.

my spec:
CPU: i7 950 GPU: ASUS GTX670-DC2-2GD5 M/B:GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 2.0) RAM: G-Skill DDR3 1600 Sound: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD HDD: 60GB Corsair Force Series PSU:Thermaltake 1500w toughpower

Thanks in advance.
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  1. There's a table of system requirements for that game here:

    Additionally, if you scroll-down roughly halfway to "Can I run Shogun 2: Total War", you can enter your CPU & GPU then click "Proceed" for a verdict.
    However, Asus GPUs you will notice are not included in the drop-down list, which leaves doubt as to their suitability for that game.
  2. I would just get a 8GB ram
  3. It might not be the ram that's causing your frame rate drop, it could be your video card. With gaming the single most important part is the video card and it is directly tied to frame rate. It can also be your internet connection, the screen resolution and the game settings.
    Your 6gb of ram is above the recommended 4gb for Windows 7 and since you have a triple channel motherboard then you want to get triple channel ram and they come in kits of 3gb, 6gb, 12gb and 24gb.
    Do you have your CPU overclocked or the video card? You can get a better frame rate by overclocking so that when the action heats up you will not have as much if any drop in frame rate.
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