Upgrade to processor/mobo or graphics card?

Running a 2 year old homebuild with a AM2 mobo with AMD 7850 X2 2.8GHz processor, with ATI HD 4870 graphics card. Ideally I'd like to improve the gaming performance: I was thinking about an ATI HD 6850 or even 6870, or GTX 460, however is my CPU likely to be a limiting factor? Should I think about upgrading to AM3 and a X4 CPU before GFX upgrades?

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  1. yes your cpu is a limiting factor

    check the web page of the mb manufacturer for a list of compatible processors
  2. Definitely going to have to go for new mobo, AM2 is obsolete. I was sort of clinging to the hope the cpu wasn't the bottleneck :cry:
  3. Just two more cents in the pot: Yep, get a CPU. Yours is way down Tom's CPU Hierarchy Chart. That card, however, is good---like third tier---if you don't mind not having DX11.
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