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My friend is heading off to America (he lives in Australia) in late November through early October and is building a computer afterwards.

Because i hear this is when sales are on in America and parts are usually 10%-20% cheaper over there, he is going to pickup a few parts but not a whole system. He hasn't got enough space to bring back a case, but what parts are the least fragile and most portable that are worth bringing back?

One thing i was worried about is that if the parts are faulty I'm not sure he will be able to get a refund for the parts. What do you think is the probability of getting a faulty component?

He is heading to New York, can you recommend a store to buy the parts from as I'm not sure he can get them from New egg, can he?

Thanks in advance, hope you can help me with this unusual question. :D
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  1. Getting a faulty component is unlikely but completely possible, it is a risk. From most to least fragile I would say:

    Optical Drive

    I say this because HDD's really don't like being thrown around and in my experience mobo's and GPU's don't usually come packaged as well as CPU's and PSU's do. I put SSD's last because they have no moving parts and are light and small enough to put in your pocket.
  2. would you risk a GPU to save maybe $30
  3. and where to buy parts?
  4. I don't know where you can buy them from, I'm not from the US sorry. I'm not sure about a GPU because the packaging is often pretty big for them so it would have to go in a suitcase or something, it would be OK in hand luggage I think.

    Personally I would be OK doing it with a PSU, SSD or maybe a CPU but I don't know if the rest would be worth it, they're either too big, too fragile or too cheap to be worth it.
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    I would consider parts like cpu , RAM , and maybe an SSD

    but be aware they may be taxed on entry to Australia . Check that first
  6. ok, just clarifying, how can they be taxed? This may be obvious but I've never flown international
  7. You come through customs , declare the parts in your bag, and they say
    " there's an import tax and GST to pay on all goods over X value "

    you could try mailing them back but then you still have to fill out a declaration and it had better be accurate because they WILL x-ray it ,

    break either of these rules and your parts get trashed at the border and you get fined . At a minimum contact whichever government agency handles this in Australia and ask them what the rules are
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