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Hi everyone.

A few days ago i Won a Patriot Memory Division 2 Viper Xtreme kit of 2x4GB 1600mhz 1.65v.
Now what worries me is those 1.65v because some people say it will damage the cpu and some say they have memory like that for 5+ years and it is still fine.
I plan on buying a I3 3220 cpu and a ASRock Z77 Pro3 MB.
So is it safe to use this RAM , sould I just lable them as useless or is there something I can do to make their use safer (if it is indeed a problem)?

Thank you all :)
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  1. It may work fine, but you can try setting the ram voltage in manual mode to 1.5 in most boards bios. Your ram may run stable at the lower voltage.
  2. is that something simple to do? Is there a chance I can do more harm than good by trying that?
    Also how do i know it is stable?

    I have really no clue about these things :S

    Thank you very much for the reply.
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    1.35-1.5v ram is recommended for newer Intel chipsets. I just sold my leftover ram on anandtech's for sale forum. I suggest you try selling it if you're worried about changing the voltage. This ram will work well with Intel boards:
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