Can't figure out what this heat sink is!

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what exactly this Thermaltake cooler is. I pulled it out of my old pentium computer (so its fits a 478 socket) and there is no model number or anything on it..... just Thermaltake :fou: . I wanted to see what this is worth and possibly find some benchmarks to see if i want to reuse it later on. It is a shame to leave this behemoth of copper sitting here.

As a side note i was wondering if there are brackets/adapters out there so i can slap this thing on a 1155 socket.

Thanks !

[ already checked the thermaltake website ]
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  1. looks like a northbridge cooler. if it wastnt attached to the cpu but the chip underneath it, then yeah a northbridge cooler.

    as for reusing it... i doubt it...

    nope its a cpu cooler... there are a few that look similar but i cant find an exact match...
    it sortta looks like 1 from there typhoon series. maybe an earlier model that evolved into the present 1.. but i really have spent 30 mins combing images and i cant find an exact match...
  2. You won't be able to reuse it. It is not impossible that someone might want to buy it, but very unlikely. But it would probably be worth something as scrap metal.
  3. Its a thermaltake fanless 103. I've only seen them in blue before and only on AMD 64 rigs.

    edit - Yes, its a cpu cooler.
  4. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!
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