ok I got this computer for like 20 bucks at a garage sale, it has a amd 64 3500 socket 939 in it, 2 gigs of ram at ddr333 and a water cooling system a huge 650 power supply a 7 bay storage, coolaster 6 system in it, lights inside with black lights as well, pci card that fits more hardrives on board, its a monster oh windows 7 home premium and a x800xl 256 ddr3 video card agp. now she had a computer thats was a sockey 478 p4 3.0ghz windows xp with an agp hd2400 ddr2. should I switch the x800 for the hd2400? the 2400 doesnt have a extra power connector but the x800xl does. does it matter with the x800xl needing more power than the hd2400?
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  1. 20 bucks :O well I guess you might try to get something like a HD3650 or HD 3850 but then again they might cost more than the PC itself :P
  2. its very cool system back in 2003 it was top notch system thing on a roll away and its a monster, but the x800xl vs the hd2400 should i switch the 800 for the 2400?
  3. I'd stick with the X800XL and look for a dual-core s939 processor.

    -Wolf sends
  4. thats what im going to do, the cooling systems great inside with liquid cooling 3 huge fans, a coolmaster cooling 6 inside, and it has lights, a powerful 670 watt power supply, extra long connectors 12 bays, atra ata controller 10 usb in front 4 in back, looks great and works awsome now that win 7 home premium is in it
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