Turns on then off, then on again and current status overload detected

my mobo is an asus sabertooth p67 rev 3.0

I upgraded to windows 8 from windows 7.. then after installation when i hit the power button my computer turns on then off, then i turn it on again and "current status overload detected, shut down after 15 second" is displayed at screen.. i updated bios, video radeon 6870, chipsets, audio and sata drivers.. i tried disconnecting the front pannel usb, mouse, keyboard and audio but same problem. I have a nzxt phanton case.

never faced this kind of problems with windows 7.. I don't know if this is a BIOS or hardware issue..

Any help will be greatly appreciated..
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  1. Current -> PSU? That's my best guess. Do you have access to another PSU that you can try? A friend's you can borrow?
  2. UPS was the problem.. i replaced it and everything went back to normal..
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