Asus sabertooth p67 turns on and then tunrs off

My mobo is an asus sabertooth p67 rev 3.0
i72600 and 16gb ram
psu 750 w

so i decided to updrade to windows 8 from windows 7.. after installation when i hit power button my pc turns on and then turn off.. then i turn on again and the message "current status overload detected, system shutdown after 15 seconds" is displayed.. then i turn on again and load windows normally..
i tried disconnecting, mouse, keyboard, audio, front panel usb but same problem.. (case phantom nzxt)
i updated bios, chipsets, videocard (radeon6870) and audio.. still the same problem..

I dont know if this is a hardware or software issue.. any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. Since it happens during the POST process, it sounds like a hardware issue. So I would start by stripping the unit down to the bare essentials needed for POST and see if the problem persists. If not, add one component back at a time, making sure to test, then rinse and repeat until you either find the problem component or the error goes away.

    If you still get it with just the bare essentials, then it might be time to consider an RMA if the board is still under warranty.
  2. sorry.. "USB Over Current Status Detected, Computer will shut down in 15 seconds" is the exact display message.. ill try with the mobo out of the case.. ill post results later.. thanks.
  3. UPS was the problem.. i replaced it and everything went back to normal.. thanks..
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