XFX 6870 Black edition

Recently, ive been looking at parts for building my first computer, ive pretty much decided on everything im getting, Ive also had my heart set on a sapphire 6870. but later realised the XFX 6870 black edition is better for the same price, but looking around ive seen a XFX 6870 Black edition Dual fan.

What i was wondering, is there much difference in cooling with two fans and the noise.
Also itll be bought from Scan never used them before are they reliable

Heres the normal one:http://www.ebuyer.com/247429-xfx-hd-6870-black-edition-1gb-ddr5-dual-dvi-hdmi-displayport-pci-e-hd-687a-znbc

Heres the Dual fan:http://www.scan.co.uk/products/1gb-xfx-hd-6870-black-edition-4600mhz-gddr5-gpu-940mhz-1120-stream-processors-dvi-hdmi-mdp

Theyre pretty much the same price, cheers :)
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  1. sorry but it wont let me edit, also is it the same size? will it fit into an antec 300.
  2. either will fit your case fine, what are your full system specs including make and model of psu and monitors resolution; for that price range I would shoot for a gtx 560ti, mine ocs to 570 levels, check my sig below
  3. Well, for the system im building

    Its an Amd Phenom 955 II x4 3.2 GHz
    620w antec high current gamer psu
    and my monitors native resolution is 1920X1080
    4Gbs of 1600 mhz ram
    gonna be upgradign to 8 though

    Is the gtx 560 ti better?
  4. yes it is, for your resolution and system I'd recommend a gtx 560 ti, especially the MSI Twin Frozr II and the ASUS DC II. I'd overclock that cpu when you get around to it as well they easily oc with the unlocked multiplier, I have one.

    A 6870 will do well in most games at 1080p but imo its pretty much the minimum if your trying to mostly max out games and really the 560ti when oc'ed will give you much more performance over the 6870 which is pretty much maxed out in terms of oc'ing
  5. here are 2 that I'd recommend the first one is the one that I personally own which runs 100% stable at 1ghz core with not too much of a voltage increase and temps never go above 72C which is pretty amazing imo, and the MSI will perform/oc similarly.



    the MSI TF2 is actually a slightly better deal right now before rebate but in my personal experience ive had great results at 1080p with the ASUS DC II GTX 560 TI
  6. Is there anywhere else i can get them? just newegg dont ship to the UK
  7. I was just giving you the links for reference, but I'm not familiar with UK suppliers so which sites do you prefer and I will try to find them on there...
  8. Ive checked the websites in the UK id use, and its at least £50 more than the 6870, so it being that much more im not gonna bother buying it and stick with the 6870, just going to crossfire and it gives a life time warranty, but thanks for the information anyway, but back to the main question, is the XFX 6870 black edition dual fan quieter and more efficient than the XFX 6870 black edition normal fan, anyone? :)

  9. the dual fan model should run quieter and cooler but some the hot air will blow inside the case , the reference design blow the hot air into the back outside of the case . I personally would prefer that dual fan model
  10. That should be fine though if i have good airflow in my case yeah?
  11. personally all I can tell you is that the reference model with one fan (XFX) gets loud as hell when the fan is ramped up beyond 40 imo, go for the 2 fan model or an aftermarket model such as the asus DC2 or MSI TF2
  12. Ill go for the XFX dual fan, just for the fact its life time warranty :)
  13. good choice have fun
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