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Is this PSU enough for this system?

Hey guys i just wanted to know if my psu is good for my system.Please help me guys.

Psu model:Aerocool E80-500 500w
CPU:i5 2400 @3.10 ghz
Motherboard:MSI P67A-C45 B3
Graphics Card:Asus GTX 560 Direct CU II OC @850mhz
RAM:4gb(2x 2gb)
Hard Disk:500gb sata
Optical Drive:sony sata
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  1. I recommend that you go with a better brand (Aerocool is an iffy brand). This one from OCZ is $50 after MIR and manufactured by Sirtec:
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    Hi :)

    Yes its enough...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. well i have already bought it.I just wanted to know if it will make my system unstable or will my performance will be decrease?.I mainly use it for gaming
  4. It's a pretty low-qual PSU. I suggest you replace it with this:
  5. Yes 500 Watts is plenty.
    You do want to verify the voltages under load.
    You can run either prime 95 and furmark while monitoring the Voltages. Pan attention to the +12 V. While the Min spec is 11.4 Volts, I do not like to go below +11.6 Volts.
  6. read this here

    says card draws 285 watts, id say 300 to be safe then another 100 watts for cpu

    (about 95 watt's according to spec) thats 400 watts

    then you have motherboard,ram,dvd drive and hard drive

    id suggest 550/600 minimum but you may want more

    i know i picked up a 750watt because there not a lot more

    go for well known brands antec, ocz, corsair. look for ones that are 80 pluss

    it wont benerfit you in any way but it means that the components will likely be good quality (dont go for gigabyte, grabbedone of there psu's as replacement in last pc (built this one this week)

    and it sounded like a hairdryer yet my ocz is quite

    remmeber psu's can lose there efficency over time so go for a higher wattage than you need (is only really noticiable in cheap psu brands)
  7. shanky887614 said:

    24 amps, just the card :ouch:

    Nah, it say's the system draws 285 watts when running 3Dmark

    OP's psu should be enough, we just dislike low quality around here.
  8. ^ On power requirements
    MY I5-2500K OCed to 4.2, 1 HDD, 2 SSDs, 16 Gigs of Ram, a ATI 6870 GPU ONLY draws 350 Watts when Loaded with Furmark

    A "good" quality 450 Watts would run his system.

    The question is the "brand" of PSU. Personally I would recommend a Higher quality PSU as jsc and Chesteracorgi stated.
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