Use only one memory stick from Dual Channel kit

Been looking for memory for my Asus K55a for a while and was wondering if it is possible to just use one stick from a dual channel kit? I only ask because my laptop supposedly only supports up to 8gb of DDR3 1600, but many software tools say the mobo will support up to 16gb. Newegg is having a sale later today and I wanted to know if it was possible to only use 1 memory stick out of the kit if 16gb is too much.
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  1. It seems that laptop can only have a total of 8gb as I did a quick google search but,
    your mobo only has 2 slots with the max capacity of 4gb each so you need 2 sticks of 4gb to get this 8gb total

    Have more questions? Just jot em down :D
  2. Thanks, it's odd that Asus' site didn't list the max module capacity but the Crucial did.
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