I cant figure out how to wire my fans to get the leds to work

So i purchased a Cooler Master HAF ATX Full Tower Blue Edition Case.

I already have another extremely similar HAF case for my older desktop. And figured out that the front 230mm fans on both cases have an on off swith for the 230mm LED fan, so i can turn the LEDs on and off.
Problem is i wanna have this feature in my new case since i purchased some more LED fans for it.

Is it possible to control all these fans with the one switch, or are there any good fan controllers out there that allow me to control the LEDs as well as the fans?
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  1. themadhatta said:
    I have no idea what the 2 pin fan plug is supposed to plug into considering i dont have anything thats for just 2 pins other than on the mobo for the power switch and what not lol.
    2pin fan plug is for the On/Off switch on the case.
  2. Thanks made a big edit to my OP, i accidentally unplugged em so i forgot and thought that i hadnt set it up right. I was thinking that they were all gonna be LED fans by default and thought if i hooked up all the fans to the one 230 mm molex converter i would have control over all of em. I got some replacment 200mm LED fans, but i havent even opened them yet so im not sure if they are controllable as well or if its just those 230s, ill go check now and update this post once im done.
  3. Cooler Master HAF X Black Gaming Case @ LegitReviews
    In this picture you can see the 2pin fan to case switch hookup along the top right side.
  4. Yes, that was a BIG edit.
  5. What model of replacement fans did you get? How are those LEDs controlled?
  6. Yeah i hooked it up just under a minute before u posted lol. I just opened my mega flow fans with LEDs in em but theres no 2 pis plugs on em, is there any way to control the led? I need to be able to turn them off when i go to bed and leave the computer on tho, is there any way i can do this without turning off the fans?

    I noticed the fans it came with have buttons on each of them, but not the mega flow fans. No clue what those do either.
  7. Without knowing the model of fans you have I can't help much.

    There are usually 2 common ways to power/control fan LEDS.
    Either with a separate connector for power just to the LEDS or some fans have a manual switch to turn off the LEDS.
  8. I guess it goes without saying - the majority of LED fans have no way to turn the LEDs off.
  9. Darn that really sux, i was recommended these 200mm fans, wish i had bought non LED ones now lol. Probably coulda found something quiter or that could pump more air.

    The Fans with the buttons are the fans that came with that case, the fans with the leds that i bought are mega flow fans http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103072
  10. Had you asked for LED-controllable fans?
  11. You might ask in the CoolerMaster forums if anyone knows an easy way to disable those LEDs.
    You might find someone already been down the road you're on.
  12. Yeah i hope, it seems like it would be an easy fix, i could see if i could find info or a way to pull out the LEDs, or a small wire for em that i could cut.

    I ordered it from that link which i just notcied said they are not controllable. I was just assuming that they would be considering the case comes with an on off fan buttton. Figures it would only work with just the one fan lol

    I wonder if there are any controllable 200m sized ones i could get and find a cable online thatll let me link em all together. Doubt ill wind up finding all that tho lol.
    Do u or anyone else know i they make fan controllers with LED controllers and fans with controllable LEDs that arent just switches thatd id have to open the case to get at? I actually wouldnt mind that much, itd be better than ones i could never turn off lol
  13. It might be a good idea to start a new topic.
    You're now looking for something different from the topic title.

    You'll get better responses if you can attract the right people who know something about Fan controllers that also control LED brightness or can switch LEDs off.
  14. Yeah ur right. Thanks, sorry for any confusion im exhausted and about to pass out lol.
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