Laptop AMD A6 or Intel i3 can't decide have to buy today (10/15/2011)!


I have to buy a laptop for my wife for work (and sometimes she plays sim's 3) and I can't decide what should I go for, I am looking for the following things in a laptop:

1. 4GB Memory.
2. 15" to 16" display.
3. 400GB to 500GB HDD.

But I can't decide on the processor. Is AMD A6 better than intel i3 or the other way around. I need a quick replay too because today I am going to best buy to pick one up.

Thank you.
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    here's llano's (amd a8-3500m) review:,2959.html

    mobile llano is capable of delivering more framerates than mobile core i3.
    it scores higher than intel's in hqv benchmarks.
    imo amd a6 is a better choice.
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