I7-860 to 2600K/2700K or hold out for Ivy Bridge?

Basically the question asked above.
And am currently debating Antec 1200 vs Cosair AX1200 vs HX1050.

I'm a gamer and wish to create video content in future.

Also, any recommendations on Z68 motherboards?

Last thing, would going LGA 2011 be worth it?

Thank you! :lol:
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  1. Hello xii4obear;

    Hold out for Ivy Bridge I think.
    Unless you're going to use the system to make a living doing video content creation now.

    Is the upgrade for hobby or just recreation use? Or are you hoping for a full time gig?
  2. Hello there!

    Well, being 16, I have absolutely no idea.
    I have considered it, and wish to pick it up in my spare time.

    Definitely not going to use it for hardcore creation right now.
    But I've worked really hard and saved up a bit of money, so I figure I'll give my computer (read: myself) a treat and upgrade.

    My current specifications:
    i7-860 OC'd very slightly.
    8GB of RAM Hoping to upgrade this to 16GB Cosair soon.
    MSI GTX 570.
    Quite a crappy Gigabyte P55 UD3P. Wish someone would recommend a better board to me :whistle:
    Antec Two Hundred case.
    Stock heatsink..
  3. Your system is still pretty potent.
    What kind of upgrade budget are you working with?
  4. hmm. The market here in Singapore is slightly different, I guess around a grand in USD?
    And I really need a new PSU. Made the mistake of getting a PSU from a weird brand. It's supposed to be 750W but putting in a 580 caused my computer to shutdown whenever it was over 70% load. No problems with the 570 though.
  5. THG's Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart can be used to determine if an upgrade is worthwhile.

    The article's recommendation:
    I don’t recommend upgrading your CPU unless the potential replacement is at least three tiers higher.
    In your case going from a i7-860 to a Core i7-3930K upgrade would be just a 1-tier jump.
  6. I know..
    But the 2600K is so tempting.
    But Ivy Bridge promises higher efficiency..
    Indecisive me :(.

    Oh, and I would like to start to learn how to create video content in the near future.
    Maybe a few LPs.
  7. i7-860 and 8GB of RAM is plenty to start doing video creation and editing work.
    Nothing is going to hold you back from learning the basics with what you have now.
  8. i would wait if i were you. im sure your computer already tears through anything you throw at it so might as well wait for the extra bit of performance ivy offers. in the mean time you can get a good cooler to oc or an ssd
  9. Thanks guys.
    You're all awesome.
    I'll be good and wait for Ivy.
    Now to upgrade my cooler.
  10. Make sure you get one that's also compatible with Ivy Bridge so you can move it forward into your next build.
  11. WR2 said:
    Make sure you get one that's also compatible with Ivy Bridge so you can move it forward into your next build.

    meaning get one compatible with LGA 1155?
    Are all LGA 1155 compatible coolers compatible for Ivy?
  12. Exactly.
    Something like the CM Hyper 212 EVO or Thermaltake Frio OCR.
  13. would you recommend Cosair's line of watercoolers?
    The closed system ones. Especially the H80.
  14. I don't think the performance is enough better than a good air cooler to be worth it.
  15. I see.
    So would the 212 be a good cooler?
    I've heard quite a few good reviews online about it.
    And WR2 recommends it I think.
  16. Why you just don't wait a little bit? Calm down your nerves, it looks like you're in need to spend money with the computer.
    Just hold your horses and wait for Ivy Bridge. Wait for some specific Ivy Bridge chipsets too, no need to buy now a Z68 motherboard. It's so close the launching...

    And about the PSU, it all depends in which kind of system you want to build.. SLI/Crossfire? Single card? How many HDDs?
  17. I would wait for Haswell to come out before considering an upgrade.
  18. If I had that rig, I'd definitely wait for Ivy Bridge, there's no hurry to upgrade.

    Also, LGA 2011 is definitely not worth it.
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