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What CPU please?

I have a Biostar TA785G3 HD with an AMD Athlon II X2 250 processor. I'm looking to upgrade to a much better processor without changing the whole system. What's the best my motherboard can do in the way of processors. Is this board a relic yet? Do i still have some upgrading I can do? Atm I can play BF3 pretty well with medium settings with my ati 6670, so I'm guessing I still have a ways to go, which is why I'm just going to upgrade the cpu for now. thanks in advance!
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    I have a biostar board with sempron cpu. Have you tried overclocking yet? Yesterday, I dropped my ram speed from 1333 to 800 and raised my cpu fsb to 270 for a decent overclock. Your ram may be different, but give it a try. When you lower the ram speed first, the speed increases when you raise the cpu fsb so the net speed is close to specs. My ram speed now is only 540 in cpuz (1080) but the board set the timing numbers lower, so the whole system feels faster. For a cpu upgrade, check for a four core phenom II in your price range. They are being phased out now. You may find one used on craigslist for under $100. Here's your cpu support page: Here's a good cpu for upgrading:
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  3. thanks so much. that answers my question
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