65 Watt or 90 watt adapter for ThinkPad Laptop?


I am about to buy a Lenovo ThinkPad.
Its a T520, i7 2640M, 15. inch display, SSD, 4 GB RAM

I am given an option of 65 W or a 90 W adapter. Both are of same cost.

Please advise which to get?

My particular needs:
• I intend to take out my Li ion battery and keep it away as my laptop is always connected to the power cord.
• Also where I live it is very very hot for 9 months of the year. Like perpetually 90 degrees.
• Price of both is same

Thanks a lot
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  1. You should look for specification sheets on your laptop manufacturer's web site to determine the input wattage requirements.
  2. Lenovo is offering both the 65 W and the 90 W chargers for the laptop. They are also asking for no additional cost. So I assume that both are compatible... only question is which is right for my need. I never intend to do hardcore multi tasking or power and CPU intensive tasks like video editing etc. I just use for business purpose and it is very hot where I live
  3. Hi :)

    Those choices have nothing to do with speed of cpu etc, they are about speed of charging only...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Thanks a lot Brett! :)
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