System Freezes, Speakers emit horrible screeching

I built my computer about 3 weeks ago and I haven't had any real problems until yesterday.

I was playing Crysis 2 and after roughly 30-40 minutes it froze and this god-awful screeching came out of my TV speakers. The same thing happened today, playing Crysis 2. It has also happened after about 30 minutes of playing Morrowind.

I noticed that when it froze, the Ring of Light on the wired 360 controller I was using also went out.

I've used Auslogic's BoostSpeed to clean the registry and remove some junk files, among other things.

Could that have messed something up?

I haven't had this freeze up occur while using my computer to listen to music or browse the internet.

I have also updated my BIOS, hoping that would fix the problem. It hasn't, although my CPU is reading 20 degrees Celsius now, when it used to be 30.
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  1. software problem . Probably with DX , try updating

    The easiest fix might be to reinstall windows
  2. I tried updating DirectX via microsofts website, but it said it was already up to date.

    Is it because I have so many versions of DirectX installed? Since it seems all the games I have needed a different version.

    And if I reinstall windows, would I have to do the custom installation, and wipe everything out?
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