High Frame rates cause overheating?

My computers graphics card is reaching 95 - 99c temperatures when I play World of Warcraft. Ive noticed that when the frame rate drops below 50 the temperatures will also decrease, but when the frame rate hits the 60fps the temperatures shoot up. The same will happen when Im playing Team Fortress2; If im in a match with just a few people my gpu's temperatures run hot, but if im in a match with alot of people and explosions everywhere the temperatures will go down.
Controlling the temperature is kind of hard when the games naturally want to run 60 frames. I keep the case on the side open but I don't like having to do that in case dust may blow off into it or a bug fly into one of the fans.
Ive cleaned the dust off the blades and what ever I could find on the surface of the graphics card and it still runs hot.
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  1. Just manually adjust the fan speed before gaming so that temps are lower and more stable. Start with 60% or more and temps won't reach so high. Some old drivers for nvidia cards have produced this effect.
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    Drivers are to blame I would think since there is no dust.
  3. Dxdiag shows that i'm using version 8.17.0012.6658. Is that old or new?

    Also can someone give me some links to PC side panels with vents or possibly a small fan on them? (I prefer newegg and amazone)
    My PC side panel has NO vents on it... Come to think of it there is only one vent and it's in the back of the case where the air supposed to come out (Not counting the vent on the PSU)
    Drivers can be to blame to a point... but I live in Texas and the its summer atm; house AC does keep the place cool but not the corners of the home very well and that's exactly where I have my computer placed.
    I think if I could find a side panel with vents and a fan then it could bring some cooler air into the furnace hotbox it is. I just don't know where to go or look for one.
  4. You can cap your FPS in most games. V-sync is the easiest way but it can cause input lag. In TF2 you can type "fps_max 100" in console to cap your fps. The best way to cap your FPS in WoW is to enable V-sync but disable triple buffering to avoid the input lag. (though I think it is backwards, triple buffering is supposed to eliminate input lag)
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