Will 8 gigs cooperate with a 16 gig expansion?

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I am in need of a memory upgrade because of what i do with my computer (minecraft server and much rendering in various 3d programs, mainly Maya) that often leaves me with little ram to spare. The question is quite simple: on my motherboard there are 2 sets of dual channel memory slots (which the 2x4 gig ram sticks are installed correctly) and im wondering, if i get 2 8 gig sticks of the same brand and series will it still work, since it's in a different channel pair?
And before you worry I have not bought the memory yet but am definitely going to if it will work.
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  1. That setup works for me I have 2*2Gb sticks and 2*4Gb sticks, just make sure timings, voltage, and speed are identical for your new ram and your old ram. I'd stick with the same manufacturer if possible too.
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    In theory, any combination should work if you set each individual timing parameter to the slowest of any DIMM installed

    In practice, not all mixes work equally well and further reduction in RAM clock may be required for boot/stability.

    The only 100% certain way to know beforehand is to buy RAM on the board's qualified vendor list. For any combination that isn't on that list, the only way to find out is to try.
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  4. Thanks for the response! I did choose the ram so it is exactly the same speed and timing but I will definitely look into it much further to make sure it works but it sounds like it will! Thanks!
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