CPU Running very very hot

Yes i am running an HP Pavilion with everything but hard drive and disk drives and ram stock.My speedfan tells me my CPU is running between 55-73c after applying new AS5 thermal past...

2GB ram
Motherboard manufacturer's name: ECS RC410-M
HP/Compaq name: Asterope2-GL8E
2.8GHz Intel Pentium D
i have a 92mm case fan and an 80mm fan i am using to draw heat out also and i have the heatsink pulling heat away from the cpu...

What is wrong?

I am only running a web browser when the temps reach that high...i am wondering if my CPU is going out on me or what is wrong..i cannot figure it out for the life of me!

Everything else is running way cool..just my CPU is running hot i touch my heatsink also and its cold as the dead...so i am wondering if my cpu temp is not lying to me....and with this comes my computer lagging and saying my CPU useage jumps between 3% and 100% and i lag even on web browsers...what is going on here?
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  1. Hi :)

    Try some different temperature monitoring software...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. So it could be Speedfan lying to me?
  3. I wouldn't trust software fully for relaying CPU temps, but i think that those temps would be pretty normal for a Pentium D, as netburst CPU's ran hot.

    And yes, try another temp monitor.
  4. P4s run hot, you should increase your airflow. Either add a couple of 80mm fans (1 front intake and 1 rear exhaust) or replace those you have with a couple of 120mm fans (you may have to cut the case opening to install the 120mm fans.
  5. So its running a little hot but nothing to worry to much over?
  6. your heatsink should be at least warm.
    How much As5 did you use?
    are the push pins fully locked in place, with no wiggle on anything, often tricky to fit, and would casue these symptoms.
  7. screwed in with no wiggle and i only put a thin layer of AS5 on the cpu as instructed and used a credit card to apply it so i did not over apply it..
  8. checked everything and no warmness from my heatsink so i am wondering if mt cpu temp is lying to me or if it is actually going out on me! cause if it is going out on me i have another cpu to put in!
  9. what does bios say? to be honest it really does sound like a heatsink issue, was it a smear of as5 you used or a layer of it?
  10. i put a small dab of it on and spread it out with a credit card like my computer tech store told me to do..should my fan be pulling the air twords the cpu or away from the cpu heatsink?
  11. gotu308 said:
    i put a small dab of it on and spread it out with a credit card like my computer tech store told me to do..should my fan be pulling the air twords the cpu or away from the cpu heatsink?

    It's better if the fan/s are taking air away from the CPU heatsink as the CPU heatsink fan is pushing air off the heatsink already so you want to have a fan/s taking the hot air out of the case.
  12. i just went from 2.8ghz dual core to a 3.06ghz cause the 2.8ghz was shot and now my CPU usage is up to 100% all the time!
  13. the 3.06ghz is a single core processor
  14. pretty sure all pentium 4s are single core, and mayb ethe pentium Ds, never looked into the Ds much. But was the new cpu you got (the 3ghz) a pebtium 4 or a pentium d? the pentium 3, if you had a D before, might just not be as powerful, especially if it is a pentium 4 because i know they are all single cores. not sure if that helps way too much, just figured i would mentium it if maybe you hadnt thought of it or something.
  15. i took a look at pentium Ds, they are dual core, so that is probably why you got less performane with the new cpu.
  16. as5 takes a while to cure remember :/
  17. after putting in the new cpu my heat is between 37-57c i think that is a major change
  18. Buying a better case would be a good option.
  19. better case, more fans, try cleaning all the thermal paste off and try again maybe? or, sometimes, a new computer is a good option as well. not saying urs isnt good, i have a desktop of similar spec, but with programs power usage and requirements etc, especially since you said the new CPU was always maxed out, maybe a new computer is just the best way to go.
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