Gaming Computer Rig for $300: HELP!

I would like to build a gaming computer for less then $300. I mainly want to play starcraft 2 on this computer. If anyone can post a recent, durable build they've come up with, that would be great. I'd like to order all the parts from NewEgg, if possible. Thanks!

Starcraft II requirements:
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  1. thats a fairly tough request on that kind of budget.

    It would help if you mention parts you dont need like computer case or monitor, or do you need everything even windows?
  2. Here is the issue, you have told us little to no information. Please fill this out:
  3. Put it this way: if you need an operating system like windows 7, then that is 100 dollars right there. This would leave you with 200 dollars to spend on PC parts. Which wouldn't be enough at all, you would have a tough time even putting a graphics card in there. Anyway lets say you have an operating system, even then you might want to step up your budget to at least $450ish to get decent stuff. List what you need/don't need and I will come up with some parts. :)
  4. Hi guys, sorry for the lack of information in the OP.

    Mainly I'm just looking for a machine that can play SC2 on medium settings or so, and will be durable.

    Budget Range: 300 After Rebates

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming is VERY important

    Parts Not Required: Operating System, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, Keyboard

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

    Country of Origin: United States

    Parts Preferences: Maybe an AMD Phenom Black Edition CPU, with a compatible MOBO? Also, an ATI Radeon HD graphics card (5780, maybe?)

    Overclocking: No

    SLI or Crossfire: ?

    Additional Comments: Clear case would be cool. Would like it to play SC2 smoothly on medium settings
  5. Impossible. You need to bump up your budget, sorry
  6. Roy Orbison said it best "In Your Dreams".
  7. Yeah it's impossible. Try to bump your budget up to 450ish. Sorry :) Also, SLI and Crossfire is basically have multiple graphic cards.
  8. case: this is cheap and will probably cut you at every possible time even while sleeping.

    hardrive: not bad

    mobo: really sucky lack features prolly will arrive doa

    cpu: not a phenonom but will hold you over until you get more cash,


    psu: actually not too shabby

    gpu: should play sc2 decently

    rom drive:

    total price 318.xx

    price after shipping 340ish

    Did i check for compatability? hell no i'm at work and doing this on phone.

    will it run sc2? yea but not amazingly.

    will you be able to play at medium setting?probably actually sc2 is not demanding until alot of units and stuff come on screen. so 1v1 you will be fine til late game. forget everything else.

    i might have forgotten link but w/e at least i tried
  9. also i did not look at the diy kits they sometimes have great deals. and you may come out better.
  10. cheaper intel cpu:

    cheaper intel mobo:

    this cpu is actually stronger than the athlon x3 in non threaded applications
    (meaning overall stronger but weaker in some cases)

    and with these 2 changes the total price drops to 316.75 with shipping. although that is shipping to me and it might be higher for you.
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