Galaxy GTX 460 2-Way SLI Problem

When i play this game called Mount and Blade Warband if i turn the anti-aliasing on it lags like crazy, i've just got a fresh new pair after rma'ing my old ones, i thought that would fix the problem and the other various problems that my old ones had. While i was waiting for new cards i used my old Radeon 4890 and the problem was gone. Why am i lagging when i turn on anti-aliasing?
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  1. I don't know much about this game but is the same problem taking place in other games?
  2. No, just this game, ive posted in the game forums, no success on a fix
  3. It is not your cards this go around, it could be drivers but there is nothing that I can suggest that you do at this time.
  4. Drivers are up to date................... not sure what to do
  5. bump
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