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Would this work for gaming?

I'm on a budget and trying to build/get a cheap gaming computer. I really wish to get an Intel i5 processor and was contemplating building it myself but after seeing this I'm considering saving myself the hassle and getting this.

If I upgraded the power supply and put a GTX 560 Ti in it, would the i5 processor in this PC be fast enough to play most games on ultimate with decent fps?

Or would the difference be significant enough to where I should build it myself with this processor (Which is the best one I can afford)

I have no intention of overclocking or Sli/Crossfire so the motherboard shouldn't be a problem.

You guys have been a big help before, thanks.
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  1. stick with the first option and get a good psu and a gtx 560 ti depending the res which i assume is 1080p you will max out almost everything
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    The pre built PC is quite good for the price. But you could get the individual components for less and build it your self if you are confident in your high tech lego building skills. You might want to go for the i5-2320 as it is pretty much the same price but slightly better performance.
    I dont think it would be able to play all games on ultimate. But very high. You may want to up the RAM to 8gb in the future but you are ok now. If you need that little bit of extra perforamnce you could overclock. The problem is it isnt really future proofed. The games will slowly get more demanding and you may have to upgrade that pc in under 5 years/

    But overall i think that if you can build it. Do so. If not that machine for that price will serve you very well.

    Hope i helped.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. And yeah Bud, I see what you're saying. That's why I asked. But still, I'm sure it will be an upgrade from my AMD 9350e 2 ghz cores. But yeah, I'm going to consider building it but would definitely prefer it already built.

    Also, here's one with the 2320 and 8 gigs of ram already for the same price (Minus the rebate) BUT it's factory refurbished which makes me nervous I admit...

    Here it is

    What do you guys think, out of those two, get the factory refurbished on that is better, or take no chances and get the lesser computer that is not refurbished.
  4. It is a bit of a jump up but is more expensive+refurbished. You are the only one who can decide what you want.Refurbished doesnt mean worse but i understand your feeling. I'm on a refurbished pc at the moment that was decent for 200£ when i had upgrades. It works like a charm.

    I shopped around a bit on the site and found this. The only other one was the one you have put up.
    This is a consideral amount above the other prices but i thought i would try and give you something else.

    All the best in whatever you choose

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