Big deal, but a good deal?

This is on sale at newegg. I'm wanting to work on a new build and this seems too good to be true. So is it?
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  1. I reposted this thread with a better title for attention. Feel free to comment on it. I would delete this, but i dont know how.

  2. Thats a pretty good board, though unless you are getting a Sandy Bridge chip I wouldn't bother.
    The P67 and H61 boards cant support Ivy without a BIOS upgrade, which requires a Sandy Bridge chip to do.
  3. The P67 chipset is not as new as the Z77, but perfectly useable. @$50, it is a steal.
    If the motherboard is fresh stock, it will have all the bios updates needed to support ivy bridge.
    To verify, go to the evga web site, and look at the cpu support list. It should say what bios level is needed.
    The bios update download notes will tell you what date the update was created.

    And... some of the newer motherboards can update the bios without a cpu installed.

    As a caveat, the newegg listing says sandy bridge only, so check that out for certain.

    edit.. I did some more checking, and it looks like sandy bridge only.

    That surprises me because my P67 asus board was able to be updated to support ivy bridge, and it was one of the first P67 boards out.
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