Is this pentium4 computer worth swaping for a Celeron dual core??

hey guys, earlier this year i bought this crap old pentium 4 rig just because i couldn't afford anything better, it cost me 60 squid in GBP

it runs a pentium 4 at 3GHZ with hyper-threading
has 1GB RAM
80GB harddrive
Windows XP

now at a computer shop i saw, for only 99 squids!

a intel celeron 2.13 GHZ dual core system
with 1GB RAM
120GB harddrive
running Windows 7
with an X1600 old ati graphics card

now, i want something that can play basic games, like totalwar medieval 2, maybe total war shogun 2, age of the empires and so forth
my current computer cant do that because my old 9600gt card doesn't fit

what im planning to do is to swap my system for his and give him maybe 30 squid on top, he can keep his graphics card for another build and ill just add mine, and transfer my data to the new hdd, whats your opinion is it worth the hassle? is celeron dual core at 2.13 better than pentium 4 HT at 3ghz?
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  1. If its AGP then no.
  2. no its definetly pci, if not pci-e. it was working in a friends computer we salvaged it and on his it was running games like fifa 10 very well
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